Monday, March 26, 2012

Inspiring Advocacy - How Do I Get to Carnegie Hall?

Last week’s post, The Power of Advocacy, began the conversation about how thoughtful advocacy allows one individual or entity to be promoted on the coattails or reputation of another. Where do you start if your goal is to become advocated by influential people? How do you inspire advocacy?

As you can imagine, the most sought after and valuable advocates are risk adverse. They don’t want to injure their reputation with their clients or in the community. Recommending you must make them look really smart.

Many years ago classical pianist Arthur Rubinstein was approached on a New York street and was asked, “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” he replied Practice, Practice, Practice. Just like getting to Carnegie Hall, inspiring advocacy takes practice, practice, practice.
  • Practice having strong integrity and giving great service - be reliable and a leader in your profession 
  • Practice advocating for your clients and stakeholders - help the people who are important to you accomplish their goals 
  • Practice being a good citizen of your community - return calls and help strangers
Just as Arthur Rubinstein suggested there are no short cuts. You will inspire advocacy when you earn being advocated.

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