Monday, March 5, 2012

Networking as if Your Life Depends on It

Has anyone important to you ever gotten sick? Not just sick, but SICK? What did you do when you found out? Of course you consoled them, but what else did you do?

Did you review your contacts to see who you know who might have knowledge or relationships that would be helpful? Maybe you know someone who has had a similar SICKNESS or you know someone who knows a doctor who is a specialist in that SICKNESS.

It is amazing how good we are at networking when a life depends on it. We reach out to friends, to friends of friends and people of influence in the community to make valuable connections. We’re not intimidated, reluctant, or cautious. We jump right in.

Everyone that you know is trying to solve something. It is their SICKNESS. When you network as if your life depends on it you connect to resources who can help your best clients, friends and associates just-in-time!

Stay week we’ll explore: What’s the Buzz About You?

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