Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Power of Advocacy

There is no greater force in networking than the power of advocacy. Whether you are the one advocating or being advocated there is significant benefit. Done right, advocacy creates a leap-frog effect as the passion and story of one individual about the heroics or quality of another individual inspires others. This transferred credibility allows others to expand their knowledge and respect for both the person being endorsed and the person offering their endorsement.

Imagine standing up at a meeting and giving a heartfelt endorsement of an individual and their business. You let the audience know about how this individual went the extra mile to help a client of yours solve a major challenge. In doing so, you describe how your relationship with your client improved because this person, through their care and integrity, made you look good and in fact enriched the relationship that you enjoy with your client.

Several very positive things happen when you are able to advocate in this manner:

  • You help a client in a meaningful way by leveraging your network
  • You help a great resource in your bullpen connect to a valuable new client (what is your current cost of client acquisition?)
  • You take a leadership position in your community as someone who knows how to solve problems by making valuable connections
  • You invest in a key relationship with an important resource in your bullpen
Each of our networks is a fragile eco-system that takes continual care. When you advocate you invest in that eco-system in an exceedingly powerful way.

Next week: Inspiring Advocacy

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