Sunday, April 1, 2012

Networking Etiquette - Who Have You Been a Jerk too?

It’s not really a question of if, but when. When have you been a networking jerk? It might have been a simple unreturned phone call, an unintentionally unfulfilled promise, an attempt to sell someone when networking, a misunderstanding, or dominating someone’s time at an event. If you don't think that you've been a could be one of the worst offenders.

Whatever your transgression, the long-term cost of being a jerk can be significant. Like throwing a boomerang that will eventually return, a key component of effective networking is to model yourself as the person who you would like to meet.

Have you ever had someone who you helped or that you were kind to become a customer, an advocate, or a great source of information and relationships? Sure you have. Since none of us has a crystal ball to know what challenges and opportunities lie ahead and who will be a key contact at any given moment, treating everyone that you network with great care is essential.

Each of has many competing priorities so the expectation isn’t perfection, but continuous effort and improvement. Your benefits in the networking eco-system are directly proportional to your investments.

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