Sunday, April 29, 2012

Breaking into Conversations

Have you ever wanted to speak with someone at an event, but they always seemed to be occupied with other people? You circle around, stand patiently, and speak with other attendees to keep yourself occupied until your intended contact becomes available.

Of course there is considerable tension as you attempt to be considerate. You don’t want to barge in and interrupt as this would likely challenge your fledgling relationship. At the same time, not meeting this valuable contact would be a significant opportunity lost.

So what to you do? Here are few tactics that you can adjust to fit the exact circumstances at a specific event:

  • Big Brother - Ask the host or a group leader to introduce may be easier for them to get the attention of the person who you want to meet
  • Gentle Elbow In - Pass the person you want to meet your card and apologize for interrupting, but let them know that you’d love to chat with them when they’re done
  • Last Resort - Make a note to call them in the your call reference that you were at the same event and that you’d like to learn more about them

However you break in the key is to be courteous and sensitive to the agenda of both your intended contact and the person with whom they are speaking.

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