Sunday, May 6, 2012

No Need to Chew You Arm Off...Separating from Conversations

Have you ever recognized that a conversation is over but not known how to exit? Whether you’ve had a great 3-5 minute conversation with a person of interest at a networking event or you’re stuck in a circular conversation with a bottom feeder, wander or clinger you need to have some tools to gracefully separate and move onto the next conversation.

The primary goal of attending events is to learn who you should meet with outside of the event in an effort to deepen the relationship. Therefore once you’ve learn enough to know if a meeting outside is warranted then it is prudent to move to the next conversation. This not only assures that you will get to learn about more people, but it also respects the time and goals of the people that you meet.

In fact, your success in networking is in large part built on the strength of each of your contacts network. Making sure that your contacts expand their network will exponentially grow your network.

Rather than feigning a need to use the restroom or awkwardly walking away, check out these simple statements to help you separate from conversations:

  • Sincere - “I really appreciate getting to chat for a few minutes, but I do not want to monopolize your time. Would it make sense if we split up for now to meet some additional people?”
  • Forward Thinker - “Who are you hoping to meet tonight?” They answer. You respond. “Great, I am looking to meet _________, should we separate and when we run across someone who would be a good connection for each other that we walk them across the room to make the introduction?”
  • Achiever - “I see someone who you should meet. Would you mind if I walk you over to make the introduction?”
The key to successful separation is to keep the other person in mind. Helping them achieve their goals is the first investment that you can make in this new relationship.

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