Monday, August 6, 2012

One-On-One Meetings: With Whom?

Getting together with key individuals one-on-one is the best way to create the level of intimacy needed to build advocacy. Without significant intimacy and trust most of us are very reluctant to advocate others. By getting together one-on-one we begin to invest in each other in a way that allows the potential of valuable exchange.

So, who should you get together with?
  • Centers of Influence - People who can help you by virtue of whom or what they know. Generally only 5-10% of any audience are centers of influence for you. These are very specific people who are connected to knowledge and relationships that are high leverage for you.
  • Resources - People who deliver valuable products and services that your customers may need. Having a bullpen of exceptional and diverse resources will help you become a preferred provider to your customers.
  • Connected People - People who seem to know “everybody.” These mavens have very broad connections that will add significant reach to your network. When you don’t know where else to go...your connected people will.
Join us again next week when we’ll discuss where to meet one-on-one...

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