Monday, December 26, 2011

Have You Tried Networking in a Vacuum?

That would be tough, wouldn’t it? You would be a community of one. Having no one to refer to and not knowing anyone who provides value beyond your individual capability would leave you exceptionally limited.

Networking success is based on interdependency between three specific individuals: a person with a PROBLEM, a person with a SOLUTION, and a person who CONNECTS the two. Understanding the role of these three networking stakeholders is fundamental to building value. It is important to know that at any moment, an individual can play each of these roles.

Let’s meet each of these stakeholders:

Person with the PROBLEM...three criteria
  • they have a significant need
  • they know (have admitted) they have this need
  • they are open to you making a connection to help them solve this need

Person with a SOLUTION...three criteria

  • they are the right/best resource for the PROBLEM
  • they highly value the opportunity to help the person with the PROBLEM
  • they value the relationship with the CONNECTOR and follow up diligently

Person who makes the CONNECTION...three criteria
  • they have confirmed that the person with the PROBLEM wants help
  • they select the best SOLUTION provider to refer
  • they are PROBLEM centered and only care about helping their friend/associate solve their PROBLEM - they are not concerned about helping the SOLUTION provider get business

You will recall last week we strongly suggested that it is important for each networker to build a bullpen of resources that can help solve the most high value challenges of our clients and associates. In doing so it important that we have a depth of resources in each discipline to make connections that are most appropriate for the person with the PROBLEM.

Next week: The three big challenges in networking.

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