Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Value of Becoming a Hub

The most valuable role in networking is that of the hub. You have probably met several hubs or maybe you are one yourself. Hubs are at the center of their community and as such seem to know everybody and how they relate. Hubs are very curious by nature and they invest time getting to know people. Hubs are trustworthy and never compromise relationships or confidential information. Hubs extend themselves time and time again to help people solve problems by connecting them with just in time knowledge and relationships.
In a similar way to how transportation, telecommunications and information technology are networked by a hub and spoke architecture, individuals as hubs connect their community.

When you have invested your time to become a hub you have mission critical knowledge and relationships when you need them. You are in the know and can make better decisions because of your access to information. You can get to where you intend quicker and easier because of the connections you have.

More important, you can become more valuable to your clients and colleagues by being their best source of knowledge and relationships. Utilizing your network to serve those who are important to you is truly what being a hub is all about. Think of your family doctor, your general practitioner. They listen, they test, they diagnose and when appropriate they get you to the right specialist.

You will be a recognized leader in your community when you become a hub. People will want your opinion. They will want your assistance. They will refer their colleagues to you. You will be able to help people in a way that you never have a trusted advisor.

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