Monday, October 22, 2012

What’s Your In-Service Team Doing?

Progressive companies today are engaging their in-service professionals in a way that is driving huge amounts of new business.

The term in-service describes the people who provide your services at the clients site. In-service personnel range from attorneys and accounts to copier repair and caters. 

Often these in-service personnel do only what they need to do on-site and then go on to the next client. In doing so, they and consequently you leave a lot of potential opportunity on the table.

The plan to build referrals through in-service personnel doesn’t need to be onerous or complicated. In-service personnel should:

  • Provide exceptional service
  • Relate well and frequently with the primary point of contact on-site
  • Ask that person periodically, “Besides what we are helping you with, are there any other challenges that you are looking to solve?”
  • You will not get a challenge every time, but when you do make sure that you understand the problem with some confirmation questions and then ask, “Is that something that you are looking for outside help with?
  • When they say “yes”, utilize your network and that of your companies to make valuable connections for your client

Clients become advocates as they realize value. When clients become advocates they passionately refer you to their associates. By creating this culture, you’ll not only retain your most valuable clients, but you’ll also activate their advocacy.

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