Monday, September 3, 2012

Playing Hurt

Presenteeism is a new term created by human resource professionals to describe individuals who are physically present at work, but because of some personal issue such as sickness or family distraction they are not mentally attentive at work.

While “showing up” at networking events is the first step to success, making sure that you aren’t just present will significantly improve your results when it is your turn to play hurt. Do these three things to give yourself a quick attitude adjustment before entering the meeting:

  • Identify who you want to meet by name or discipline
  • Rehearse how you’re going to introduce yourself at least twice
  • Take three relaxing deep breaths and get in the game

When you are meeting new people you want your “A” game and sometime that requires playing hurt. When you have time to reflect, after the event, you’ll be very glad that you made the extra effort.

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